Pro Pharma Grade Lion's Mane Mushroom 100:1
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Pro Pharma Grade Lion's Mane Mushroom 100:1

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The KING OF ALL Lions Mane Mushroom Products : Professional Pharmaceutical Grade Lions Mane Mushroom 100:1

Finally available online, the World's Strongest and Purest Professional Pharmaceutical Grade Lions Mane Mushroom 100:1.

Tired of so many Lions Mane Mushroom Products produced cheaply with fillers such as Brown Rice they like to call "Mycelium". Mycellium is simply a Brown Rice Filler packed in with the little bit's of Lions Mane Mushroom they provide you in each capsule allowing them to make huge profits selling you rice. Others use other fillers such as regular rice, flour, silica and more. Most Lions Mane Mushroom products contain gelatin, chemicals, heat processed which destroys all potential of the mushroom, preservatives, additives, residues, gmo and more. Enough is Enough, this is where Vitamin B17 Professional Inc and Organic Herbs USA Inc teamed up to produce the most Innovative Lions Mane Mushroom Product available in the World.

First we produced are Professional Strength Pharmaceutical Grade Lions Mane Mushroom by concentrating it to a powerful 100:1 meaning we take 100lbs of Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom and Concentrate it down to just 1 Pound of Extract using a patented Cold Process Method Preserving all of the Lions Mane Mushrooms Natural Ingredients. This Process provides each of our capsules to equal at least 100 of the competitors capsules and in many cases 200-300 (depending on mg) capsules of theirs would equal just taking 1 capsule of ours......absolutely amazing !

Our Lions Mane Mushroom Extract comes from ONLY the Fruiting Body of the Mushroom and not the root which is useless in it's therapeutic effects. We make sure each and every mushroom is ONLY 100% Natural and Organic without being grown from harmful chemicals, pesticides, or radiation. After Concentrating our extract we simply leave it Pure with 0% Fillers such as Brown Rice, 0% Preservatives, 0% Additives, 0% Chemicals, 0% Residues, 0% GMO, 0% Artificial Colors or Flavorings, 0% Sweeteners or Sugars, and 0% Radiation. Always look into the area on the label that says "other ingredients" to find all your chemicals and fillers. The Pro Lions Mane Mushroom 100:1 "other ingredients" contains only the Vegetarian Capsule that holds the Powerhouse Pure Pro Lion's Mane Mushroom 100:1.

Our Professional Pharmaceutical Grade Lion's Mane Mushroom contains 300% Polysaccharides and 125% Beta-Glucans Per Vegetarian Capsule, far surpassing ANY and ALL competition. Their are many competitors selling Lion's Mane Mushroom extracts generally with around 2%-10% Polysaccharide content, the expensive brands go as high as 30% Polysaccarides content. The King of All Lion's Mane Mushrooms is at the World's Highest Content of 300%, now please compare. Lion's Mane Mushroom "works" by the amount of it's Polysaccharides content, the higher the content the better the Mushroom Extract Works. One of the most prolific compounds is Beta-glucan a polysaccharide, present in Lion’s Mane. Beta-glucan is a natural polysaccharide that is found within pathogenic bacteria and fungi, such as Lion’s mane. This polysaccharide aids in elevating the immune system and increasing the bodies defence against infection, it aids in increasing the effectiveness and function of macrophages and natural killer cells as well as possessing anti-C capabilities.

*Each Vegetarian Capsule contains 1000mg's of our Professional Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Lions Mane Mushroom 100:1, each dose contains 2000mg's and each container (jar) contains 100 Vegetarian capsules providing you with a 50day supply.

Lion's Mane Mushroom (known as Yamabushitake in Japan), scientifically known as Hericium erinaceus is native to Eastern Asia, where it has a long culinary and medicinal history in both China and Japan. In the wild, they grow on logs and the stumps of dead hardwood trees such as oak, walnut, beech, maple, elm and sycamore. The lion’s mane mushroom is known as the ‘wood destroying fungi’ or ‘white rot’ as it grows very abundantly and accelerates decomposition. To produce fruit bodies (growth above ground that contains the stem, cap and spore-bearing surface (which includes the gills, pores, ridges, teeth) of the fungus) the mushroom requires a cool temperature of between 18-24 degrees Celsius as well as a moist and humid environment.

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